Engadine is famous for the multi-course gourmet breakfast experience served to guests of the Inn (included in your room charge) at 9:00 am in our dining room.  Cabin guests are welcome to join us for breakfast for additional cost ($18 per person per day) and on an as available basis.  We alternate daily between “sweet” and “savory” menus and are happy to accommodate special dietary needs so long as we know about them in advance.

If after breakfast you have an interest in our recipes, we are happy to share them with you. All you have to do is ask! Click here for a few favorite recipes.
Breakfast, Engadine Inn and Cabins
Breakfast, Engadine Inn and Cabins


Continental Breakfast

Made available primarily to cabin guests (as an alternative to the full breakfast in the Inn), we offer an optional continental breakfast ($15 per person per day).  The menu typically includes a selection of breakfast breads, pieces of whole fresh fruit, single service yogurt, seasonal berries, homemade granola and orange juice.  Continental breakfast are prepared and delivered to your cabin the prior afternoon.

Breakfast On The Go

For those guests who want to get an early start on the day’s activities, we’ll prepare a “breakfast in a bag” for you to grab and go ($10 per person per day).  Choose from breakfast breads, sandwiches and wraps, healthy snacks or smoothies.  Ask for the menu of available choices when you check-in.  (Must be ordered and scheduled for morning pick-up by 4:00 pm the day before.) 

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