Zoom With A View

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I would have maintained my sanity during the past year without Zoom.

As the health crisis descended on us last spring, I, like so many others, discovered just how handy some of the stuff found on the internet could be in staying connected with people.  Of course, it wasn’t the same as getting together in person.  But at least I could still interact with friends, family and colleagues from the safety of the bubble we had built for ourselves.

Now we’re a year in and like with so many other tools found online, I’m beginning to get a little bored with Zooming from my desk.  The novelty has worn off and with spring on its way, I’m looking to change up my game.  I’m betting you might feel the same way, too!

If you agree, I have a suggestion.  Why not pack up your laptop and head for Engadine?  Here you will find wide open spaces, spectacular views and property-wide WiFi services…everything you need to Zoom from a REAL place with a REAL view instead of from your desk at home with that corny filter that never seems to work quite right!

We offer five internet connection options…two WiFi networks serving the Inn, two WiFi networks serving the cabins and outdoor spaces and a hard wired ethernet connection to the Inn’s modem (for when you need lots of bandwidth).

Once here, you can settle in to Zoom from one of eight porches or from the outdoor natural setting at Honey Hill or Vineyard Overlook.  And when you’re done, you can retreat to one of five Inn rooms or the six individual mountain cabins scattered across the twelve-acre property to relax for a few days enjoying Engadine’s mountain hospitality.

Give us a call or BOOK DIRECT online at our website to reserve your “Zoom With A View”!