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August 24, 2020

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention: Create Your Own

Posted by: Rick

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention: Create Your Own

Creating Your Own "Bed and Breakfast Bubble"- Friends and Family Buyout

As the old saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”.  With folks beginning to venture out to explore the world “post lockdown,” some new, unexpected travel trends have popped up to meet special safety needs in these days of CoVid-19.

You’ve likely seen reports in the media or on countless travel blogs that today’s travelers are looking for and booking lodging accommodations that offer some additional degree of social distancing not found in a hotel where lobbies, public spaces and elevators present unwanted potential encounters with other guests.

As a result, travelers are creating unique travel experiences for themselves by booking cabins and cottages, vacation rentals, classic roadside motels (where exterior passageways offer fresh air access to rooms), boutique hotels and RV’s.  And, bed and breakfast inns as well!!!

B&B’s, by their very nature, are and for the most part, built to offer unique lodging experiences in an intimate and more private setting…

  • They are usually small, with 5 to 10 rooms, accommodating a minimum of guests.
  • B&B’s are often located in areas away from urban stresses such as traffic congestion with crowded sidewalks and challenging parking…places like unique or historic in-town neighborhoods, country or rural destinations with lots of space, charming small towns or out of the way roadside settings.
  • Rooms and public spaces are airy and often quite spacious, given that they usually exist in buildings that were built in another era when large houses were in vogue.
  • Design, using mixture of antique and contemporary furnishings, accessories and artwork, is intended to create individual and unique spaces (rooms) to enhance the guest experiences…since each room can be unique, experiences that can  be “dialed up” based on guests’ needs or preferences.
  • Food and beverage services are usually limited to breakfast only and served by a small staff (in many instances, private dining/room service is an option).
  • Many of the same amenities found in chain hotels can also be found in B&B’s…luxury bed and bath linens and products, high speed WiFi, smart TV’s with cable and/or streaming capabilities.
  • B&B’s also have some great unique amenities those same hotels DON’T offer…porches and verandas for just sitting and relaxing with a glass of wine or a good book, private gardens to discover, neighborhoods to explore, fireplaces for those chilly fall or winter weekends, etc.
  • Most B&B’s are also regulated and subject to the same health, sanitation and safety requirements found in hotels and restaurants.
  • For the traveler in search of less traditional accommodations, B&B’s also offer mobile-friendly websites and booking systems where you can safely and easily make a reservation at the best rates and without the commissions and hassle factors associated with using online travel agencies (Expedia, AirBnB,,, TripAdvisor, etc.).  Plus, “BOOKING DIRECT” will also connect you with the owner of a property…someone with whom you can usually get answers to questions, discuss your needs and preferences, more favorably resolve changes or cancellations and who, as the local expert, plug you into the best things to do and see while you are visiting.

For these reasons and during these days of CoVid-19, B&B’s can be an attractive option for gathering a small group of friends or family for a weekend getaway or a “mini” reunion or wedding (subject to local or state guidelines).  By “buying out” a small destination and creating a custom “bubble” experience without the imposition of other unknown guests coming and going, such small groups can better manage risks and responsibilities such as monitoring the health status of group members, maintaining social distancing, ensuring the use of face coverings, etc.

Here at Engadine, we have the advantage of being able to offer two types of such small group experiences.  The first would be the individual use of our 6 mountain cabins and the second would be the total buyout of our 5 inn rooms.  In each or either case, guests would have their own space in a “self-controlled, self-contained” lodging environment.

So, gather 5 or10 of your best friends or family members, take your temperatures and grab your masks and come to the mountains…come to Engadine to indulge yourself during a weekend off the grid!  We will do our best to help you create a safe and fulfilling visit to Asheville…even given these trying times!

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