Hoofing It Around Town

Many of our guests come to Western North Carolina to enjoy hiking the mountains that surround us. Still others come to Asheville to partake in its many popular amenities including award winning restaurants, a burgeoning beer scene, unique music venues, an eclectic arts community, and world-famous attractions. These days there is a way to enjoy both in a unique experience that combines them into a great way to see and learn about Asheville, especially for the first-time visitor.

The Urban Trail offers a free self-guided tour that explores the city’s colorful past, its vibrant present and its exciting future. During the tour, participants will learn about Asheville’s history, its famous residents, its interesting architecture and its local art. The trail is 1.7 miles in length and is marked by 30 individual stations, each telling part of Asheville’s story. Broken into five time periods, the narrative is presented using statuary, bronze plaques and local art. The trail begins in Pack Square where information about the experience is available at the information center. Along the way, there will also be plenty of opportunities to visit some of the other amenities mentioned previously.

A quick guide to the trail can be found on the website created to promote the Asheville Urban Trail.

The Urban Trail is a new and unique way to see the city we call home. Make a reservation to stay with us at Engadine Inn and Cabins. We’ll point you in the right direction to get you started on a fun and memorable “urban adventure”!