Dog(gie) Days Of Summer

According to Wikipedia, the “dog days of summer” are defined as “the hot, sultry days of summer.  They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star system Sirius, which Greek and Roman astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck. They are now taken to be the hottest, most uncomfortable part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere”.

In other words, the “dog days” are the steamy, end of summer price we pay for the mild days and cool evenings that follow in autumn.

But here at Engadine and in Asheville, dog days can mean something entirely different.  Both are places where your canine will be gladly received and where the welcome mats are always out for our furry friends.

At Engadine, we make three of our six cabins available for guests traveling with their pets.  And to make Fido feel at home while visiting, we provide food and water bowls, plenty of access to our grassy lawns for exploring, and outdoor faucets and “dog towels” for washing and drying dirty paws.  We also make suggestions for things to do and places to visit with your pet in tow.

Around town, pet owners will also find plenty of pet stores where food and suppliers are available and for sale.  Many of the area’s restaurants, coffee shops, breweries and boutiques also welcome dogs while their owners enjoy Asheville’s hospitality.  Some even provide water bowls and offer a “dog menu” of treats they make available for their four legged customers.  And most of the areas outdoor recreation areas and facilities are dog friendly so that Rover can join his masters for a hike or a paddle.

So, leave the kids at home and bring your pooch for a visit to Engadine and Asheville.  We’ll be glad to have you and to creating some fun and memorable tail wagging experiences for you and man’s best friend!