Event Season Is Upon Us
Spring is arriving in Western North Carolina and with it comes the time when families descend on Asheville to celebrate family gatherings…weddings, retreats and family reunions.  And here at Engadine, we’re getting ready!   Ours is a unique destination for hosting events.  Here we offer lodging in five Inn rooms and six mountain cabins.  Our… Continue reading Event Season Is Upon Us
“CarolinaMama” Visits Engadine
In early October, “CarolinaMama” visits Engadine!  Engadine had the pleasure of welcoming  Malise Terrell, better known to many in the world of blogging as “CarolinaMama,” and her family for a weekend stay to enjoy the start of the “leaf season” in Western North Carolina.  It’s that time of the year when Mother Nature blesses us with her brilliant… Continue reading Event Season Is Upon Us
Meet Our Santa(s)
Christmas at Engadine is on full display where we invite you to meet our Santa(s)! Our Christmas tradition began nearly 33 years ago with the purchase of a single, simple Christmas tree ornament…a carved balsa wood Santa Claus bought for a quarter.  He was just a piece of wood, devoid of color or decoration.  But he sparked an… Continue reading Event Season Is Upon Us
About That New Chair
“It” happens almost every weekend.  “It” is the question.  “It” usually gets asked by our guests while they are checking in.  “It” (the question) is: “So, why did you buy a B&B and become innkeepers?” Depending on how spirited I feel, I offer up either the “Cliff Notes” version or the full “Moby Dick”.    Either… Continue reading Event Season Is Upon Us
Chasing The Shadow
Monday, August 21 will bring a unique astronomical experience to America and Western North Carolina.  At just after 2:30 pm, the “Great American Eclipse” will visit our neck of the woods on a path similar to that of the last such celestial occurrence on June 8, 1918…roughly 99 years ago! This time around, the moon’s… Continue reading Event Season Is Upon Us
Everything Old Is New Again
As I get older, that old adage seems to ring true more and more often.  I’m constantly surprised that things long put away and, maybe, forgotten can come back into vogue and that in doing so, become all the more valuable, more viable and even more important. So it is at Engadine! As most of… Continue reading Event Season Is Upon Us